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Care Package Items

People often wonder what they should send in care packages to Soldiers.   We want the Soldiers to be genuinely excited when a J.O.S.H. care package arrives and we strive to send the best packages we possibly can.  We focus our efforts on sending good quality products in all of our hygiene packages.

Below is the list of items we typically ship.  We have tried to include the care package items we have found to be most requested and/or most needed, but this is not an all inclusive list.  Chances are if you find something you would like to receive if you were far from home, deployed Soldiers would too.

We cannot ship pork products to the Middle East.  We also cannot ship alcohol, pornographic materials or anything that is in an aerosol can to any location.  
We will not ship items that have been opened/partially used or items that have reached or exceeded their expiration dates.  Please do not leave these types of items in the J.O.S.H. collection bins.  

We do not ship hotel size hygiene items unless specifically requested by our deployed service members.  J.O.S.H. ships full size, name brand hygiene products.

If we wouldn't use or eat something ourselves, we won't ship it to our Soldiers.


Beef Jerky/Slim Jims (Short Type)
Canned Chili and Soup (Pull Top Cans) 
Canned Fruit (Pull Top Cans)

Chicken and Tuna Salad (Foil Pouch or Ready to Eat Kits) 
Cookies (Individually Packaged)
Dried Fruit
Easy Mac in Cups
Granola Bars/Energy Bars/Protein Bars
Microwavable Popcorn
Nuts (All Kinds)
Pop Tarts
Pumpkin Seeds
Rice Krispie Treats (Winter months only)
Sandwich Crackers
Sunflower Seeds
Trail Mix
Tuna (Foil Pouch)

Pork products cannot be shipped to the Middle East, so no Vienna Sausages, please.


Coffee (One pound bags or smaller, ground Only)
Coffee Creamer
Crystal Light, Gatorade, Mio, Propel (Individually Packaged Water Flavors)
Instant Coffee (Individually Packaged)
Protein Shake Powder

Hygiene Items

Antiperspirant/Deodorant (Name Brand - solids only) 
Baby Wipes
Body Wash/Bar Soap
Chap Stick, Carmex, Blistex
Dental Floss
Eye Drops

Fabric Softener Sheets (small boxes)
Feminine Hygiene (Tampax Sport, Playtex Pearl, Always Pads)
Foot Powder 

Laundry Detergent - (Small bottles of liquid detergent or small bags of laundry pods)

Lotion (Hand and Body – Bath & Body Works is a big treat for females)
Loofahs/Net Body Sponges
Mouthwash (Small bottles)

Q-Tips (Q-Tip brand only, small quantity)
Razors (Schick, Gillette – good, lubricated razors only) 
Shaving Gel 
(Non-Aerosol, squeezable tubes only.  No foam.)

Over-The-Counter Medications (Nothing with aspirin and no sleep-aids)

Cough Drops
Icy Hot


Air Fresheners (Solids or Stick-Ups)
Black Ink Pens and Mechanical Pencils
Black or Green Boot Socks (Cotton or Wool)
Brown/Black Hair Ties for Female Soldiers
Fabric Softener Sheets
Febreze (non aerosol)

Hand Warmers (October through February only)
Laundry Detergent (small bottles or laundry pods)
Socks, White or Black (must cover ankle, no logos)

Winter Hats (Wool)