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If you are a U.S. service member (any branch of the military) who is deployed to a combat zone and you do not have a PX or easy access to one, please contact us.   We also like to ship care packages to service members who are not receiving mail from home.

Chaplains are encouraged to register for care packages to share with the Soldiers you support.

If you are a friend or family member of a deployed Soldier and he or she is serving in a location that qualifies for our program, we will be happy to support them.  However, if you want the package to be shipped as if it were coming from you, a donation is appreciated. You can see the recommended amounts on the How You Can Help page. You are welcome to utilize the Donate button at the top of this website.

We operate on a limited budget and we buy good quality items for our care packages.
If we do not hear that you received your first package, we will not be able to keep you on the shipping list.  We need to make sure our care packages are reaching their intended destination.  Because Soldiers have returned home and have not notified us to remove them from the shipping list, we have received some of their packages back.  If we do not hear from a Soldier on our shipping list for 60 days, he/she is removed from the list.

Unfortunately, due to limited funds, we are unable to ship to every service member we wish we could support and we do not ship to civilian contractors.  We are currently only shipping to active US Military who are deployed to combat zones.  If we cannot confirm that your APO/FPO is for a location in such an area, we cannot ship to you at this time.  We understand that due to OPSEC, you might be unable to disclose your location.  However, if possible it is helpful if you can tell us where you are and whether food or hygiene is most needed.  

We do our best to respond to all contacts submitted through this page.  If you do not receive a response, we might not have received the contact information.  Please email us at info@justoursoldiershelpers.org if you do not hear from us within 24 hours after submitting your registration.  


Please complete the contact form below.  For your safety, we will not publish your address publicly.   Let us know whether you are most in need of snacks/food or hygiene items as we will focus on the most needed items first.  Please also include the date we should plan to stop shipping to you in the message.

These packages are provided to our deployed troops free of charge, but we MUST know that your packages are arriving.  If we do not receive confirmation that you received your first care package, we will be unable to continue shipments to you.  If for any reason you are unable to let us know, please make sure to state that in the message section of your registration. 

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